New: E-Pass toll violations can be cleared in person at our tag agencies.

All toll and parking violations must be paid in full before customers can renew their driver license or vehicle tag. If you pay through the Expressway Authority (E-Pass) or SunPass, please allow 24 hours from process of payment before renewing.

Toll Violations

For toll violations, please contact:

E-Pass Violations | (407) 690-5200

New: E-Pass toll violations can be cleared in person at our tag agencies.

SunPass Violations | 1 (888) 865-5352

Parking Violations

To pay your parking violation, contact the appropriate ticket issuing authority:

Keep E-Pass and SunPass Up-to-Date

Customers who have changed their license plate, address, credit card, phone number or email address must update their transponder account immediately. Transponders are registered to each customer’s vehicle license plate and if the account information is not accurate, customers may not be recognized as a valid E-Pass or SunPass customer, which may ultimately result in being classified as a toll violator.

Suspended Licenses

To reinstate a suspended license, drivers must first pay the parking violation through the County Clerk of Court where the violation was issued.

Orange County Clerk of Courts

Find your Clerk of Courts

Check Your Driver License Status

Not sure if your driver’s license is suspended?

See the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Driver License Check