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3 Easy Ways to Renew Your Tag

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How: Renew your tag online
Pay by: Credit or debit card*
You’ll get it: 1-2 business days after we receive payment

*If you cannot locate your tag using the link above, please trying visiting Go Renew.

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How: Renew online with Tag Express and pick up at one of our offices
Pay by: Credit or debit card*
You’ll get it: Same day — no wait, no lines

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By Mail

How: Complete, detach and return the renewal form
Pay by: Check made payable to “Scott Randolph” or “Orange County Tax Collector”
You’ll get it: 1-2 business days after we receive payment

Get in line or Schedule an Appointment to Renew Your Tag In-Person

Customers may renew their tag at any of our 7 offices. Bring the following with you to renew in person:

  1. Proof of InsuranceProof of Florida insurance is required to purchase a license plate in Florida, including Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in the amount of at least $10,000 and Property Damage Liability (PDL) in the amount of at least $10,000. Commercial trucks require additional insurance. Learn more
  1. Initial Registration. A state-imposed $225.00 Initial Registration Fee for first-time plates applies to private automobiles, motor homes and trucks weighing less than 5,000 pounds.

Get in line or Schedule an Appointment with SmartPass

Personalized Tags

Customers may order personalized tags at any of our 7 offices. Personalized tags may be ordered for private or company-owned cars, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles and leased vehicles.

Check the availability of personalized tags

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes used for housing accommodations (other than recreational vehicles) are renewed in December of each year and issued numbered decals sold according to the length of the mobile home. Non-resident military service personnel stationed in Florida under military orders may receive a decal for $14.85, including service charge, upon presentation of orders and a notarized statement of orders.

Mobile Home Real Property Decals

All mobile homes or recreational vehicles permanently affixed to the owner’s land and declared as real property are issued special Real Property Decals. Owners must secure Form DR-402 from the Property Appraiser’s Office after showing proof of ownership and present it with a payment of $8.35 to the Tax Collector’s Office. Decals are permanent and transferable to a new owner when the mobile home and land are sold as a unit. The owner’s name must be identical on the land and mobile home titles.

New: E-Pass toll violations can be cleared in person at our tag agencies.

All toll and parking violations must be paid in full before customers can renew their driver license or vehicle tag. If you pay through the Expressway Authority (E-Pass) or SunPass, please allow 24 hours from process of payment before renewing.

* A 2.39% processing fee will apply; $2 minimum.