Orange County Tax Collector

Why the May Tag Renewal Notices Were Incorrect and How our Vendor is Fixing the Error

If your registration expires in May 2020, you likely received an incorrect Tag Renewal Notice from the vendor that processes and prints our notices.

What Happened?

The nature of the mistake was a data programming error by our vendor that caused the wrong notices to be sent to customers. Unfortunately, their quality review process did not catch the error before the mailing went out. We have addressed the issue with our vendor to ensure that it does not happen again.

What’s Being Done to Fix It?

Our printing vendor has taken full responsibility for the error and are re-printing and re-mailing corrected notices along with an apology letter to impacted customers beginning Thursday, April 23.

Who’s Paying for It?

In addition to getting the corrected notices out as soon as physically possible, taxpayer accountability is Tax Collector Scott Randolph’s top priority. Therefore, taxpayers will not pay for the cost of the initial, incorrect mailing, and our vendor is sending the new, correct mailing to customers at no cost to taxpayers.

What if I Submitted Payment for the Incorrect Tag?

If you mailed in a payment for the incorrect tag, your payment will be returned to you along with a letter explaining what happened and replacement stamps.

I Received My Corrected Notice, Why is My Name Printed in Red?

This helps us distinguish between the incorrect and correct notices, so we’ll only process the correct payment.

How Can I Renew My Tag?

If you do not have a hold on your registration you may renew online right now. You can also mail in payment once you receive the corrected notice. Click here to renew online.

What is a Hold?

Common types of holds that would prevent a customer from renewing online include suspended driver’s license, unpaid parking tickets, unpaid toll violations and expired auto insurance. Customers must first clear the hold before they can renew their tag.