Why can’t I complete my driver’s license transaction today?

We know you’re frustrated. We’re frustrated too. Thousands of Orange County residents have been impacted by state network outages in Tallahassee, so we’d like to explain what’s happening and what you can do next.

What happened?

The State Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) recently updated its computer network to a new system. Unfortunately, errors in the system have caused intermittent outages statewide.

Most recently, issues at a State of Florida data center have disrupted state services across Florida, including DHSMV.

Why is this affecting me?

All motor vehicle services in Florida, from driver’s licenses to registration, tag, and title, run off a centralized state computer network. When the state network goes down, we’re unable to serve customers.

Who is impacted?

The outages impact all Tax Collector offices across the state – not just Orange County. When the system goes down, Tax Collector offices are unable to process and/or print driver’s licenses.

What do I do now?

Many customers can update, renew or replace their driver’s license online (see below). For those who cannot, we encourage you to reschedule your appointment on our website.

Visit MyDMV

Many services can be completed quickly and easily online through the State’s new MyDMV system, including:

  • Renew your Driver’s License
  • Replace your Driver’s License
  • Change your License to Non-Driver ID
  • Get a Hardship License
  • Update your Social Security Number

Click here to visit MyMDV.

Reschedule Your Appointment

If you received a temporary license, your permanent driver’s license will be mailed to you. If you did not receive a temporary license, please reschedule your appointment.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

11/4/21 6:28 pm Update: This post has been updated to reflect that recent issues are related to a State of Florida data center.