Update from Scott Randolph

Knights Crowned Orange County’s Top Selling Specialty License Plate for First Time in School History

It’s been a long time coming, but UCF has beat out in-state rival Florida to claim the specialty license plate title in Orange County, Tax Collector Scott Randolph announced.

Buoyed by another strong year of sales following the redesign of its plate, UCF had 6,683 plates on Orange County roads as of December 1 (Source: DHSMV). The University of Florida (6,557 plates) and Florida State University (4,215) round out the top three.

“The plate sales demonstrate what we’ve known for a long time,” Tax Collector Scott Randolph said. “Orange County is Knights Country.”

In July 2016, UCF trailed Florida by nearly 2,500 plates. Then, in August 2016, UCF’s redesigned black-and-gold plate was released, and the university launched its #KnightYourRide campaign with support from the Tax Collector’s office.

This year, 1,398 new UCF plates were sold in Orange County, generating more than $135,000 in revenue for programs such as scholarships for first-generation students. Endless Summer (678 new plates sold), Helping Save Sea Turtles (428), The University of Florida (291), Army (276), Marine Corps (238), Florida State University (235), Save Our Seas (206), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (202) and Save the Manatee (177) made up the top 10 new plates sold in Orange County in 2018.

There are currently 126 different specialty license plates in Florida registered to more than 1.5 million vehicles. The University of Florida (95,468 plates), Helping Sea Turtles Survive (81,594), Florida State University (73,614), Endless Summer (73,057) and Protect Wild Dolphins (52,548) are the most popular plates statewide. UCF has 22,445 plates statewide.

Specialty license plates are authorized by Florida Statutes and range in fees from $15 to $25 which benefit the plate’s sponsoring organization. To have a new plate manufactured, the requesting organization must pre-sell 1,000 plates statewide within a 24-month period after the plate is authorized by the State. The State’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) monitors the sale of all existing plates. Existing plates that fall below 1,000 statewide sales are placed on probation and subject to deauthorization.

To purchase a specialty license plate in Orange County, visit any one of the Tax Collector’s seven tag agencies. Visit octaxcol.com to find a location near you.

Top 10 Specialty License Plates in Orange County

2018 Ranking 2017 Ranking Specialty Plate Number of Plates on the Road in Orange County New Plates Sold in 2018 in Orange County
1 2 University of Central Florida 6,683 1,398
2 1 University of Florida 6,557 291
3 3 Florida State University 4,215 235
4 4 Helping Sea Turtles Survive 3,708 428
5 5 Endless Summer 3,356 678
6 6 Marine Corps 2,299 238
7 8 Army 2,212 276
8 7 Save the Manatee 2,208 177
9 9 Protect Wild Dolphins 2,052 171
10 10 Protect the Panther 1,803 75