Orange County Tax Collector

Notice of Tax Certificate Sale on the Internet

Notice is hereby given that at 8:00 AM, Sunday, May 31st, 2020, Tax Certificates will be sold on the following described land to pay the amount due for both ad valorem and non-ad valorem taxes, herein set opposite the same, together with all costs of such sale and all advertising pursuant to Florida Statutes. This includes county, municipal, special taxing districts and non-ad valorem taxes.

To register and participate in the auction for such Tax Certificates visit

To learn more information about any parcel listed here, visit the Property Tax Search page and put in the Parcel ID number. Prospective bidders are encouraged to begin registration, placing deposits and selecting parcels upon which they wish to place bids for certificates..

For anyone without access to a computer, call 407-836-2700 to schedule an appointment. Call 407-836-2700 for any other questions related to the sale.

Click here to read the full Notice of Tax Certificate Sale on the Internet