Update from Scott Randolph

Randolph: “Cutting driver license fees should be bipartisan.”

Democratic Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph is lending bipartisan support to Governor Rick Scott’s plan to cut driver license fees in Florida. Under the Governor’s proposal, outlined in his State of the State Address today, motorists would see the state’s driver license renewal fees reduced from $48 to $20; new license fees from $48 to $27; and commercial driver license (CDL) fees from $75 to $67.

Randolph, whose office issues more than 350,000 driver licenses each year, estimates the fee cut could save Orange County families between $7 and $10 million annually.

“Anything we can do to cut fees for Florida families while still maintaining the level of service that residents have come to expect from their independently-elected tax collector is a win-win in my book,” Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph said. “I’m happy to support this proposal because cutting driver license fees should be bipartisan.”

Driver license fees were increased to their current rate in 2009 as part of a larger tax increase package that also included raising the first-time car registration fee from $100 to $225. Randolph, at the time a member of the State House representing Orlando, voted against the increases.

“I’m hopeful that cutting driver license fees is the first step in rolling back all of the 2009 motor vehicle tax increases that continue to hit Florida families to this day,” Randolph said.