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School is back in session here in Orange County, and it’s more important than ever to make sure our roadways are safe
for our kids. Here are four essential points Central Florida drivers should keep in mind.


1. Be Aware of New Drivers

A new school year means more young and first–time drivers on the road. Many teenagers get their learner permits and driver licenses over the summer. Exercise patience and understanding when sharing the road with inexperienced drivers.

2. Stop for School Buses

Make sure that you stop for school buses that have stopped and deployed their signal. Driving recklessly or not following traffic laws around a school bus needlessly endangers your life and the students on board—and it’s against the law.


3. Follow Safety Signs

Respect the changing driving speeds in school zones during certain times of the day. You’ll notice special signs that begin flashing, signifying that you must slow down

4. Watch Out for Pedestrians

Be on the lookout for more young cyclists and pedestrians than usual. As school picks up, we’ll be sharing the road with more and more folks outside of cars; remember that it’s our responsibility to accommodate them.


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