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Public Records

Florida has a very broad public records law. As a result, any written communication created or received by Orange County Tax Collector officials and employees will be made available to the public and media upon request, unless such written communication falls within an exception or exemption to the Public Records Act.

Information collected at this site, including email addresses, becomes public record and may be subject to inspection and copy by the public unless prohibited by exception or exemption in the law. Information collected by the Orange County Tax Collector in a feedback form, registration form, or other form on this site, unless specifically exempted, is a public record.

In accordance with 2017-21, Laws of Florida / § 119, Florida Statutes.

Submit a Public Records Request

Click here to submit a public records request.

Social Media Comments Policy

The Office’s intent is to maintain a moderated public discussion directly relating to topics posted by the Office. The Office shall reserve the right to edit, hide or remove content, including comments, messages, photos, graphics or videos posted by the public, based upon certain criteria, including content that:

  • Is not topically related to the post being commented upon.
  • Includes profane language, photos, graphics or videos.
  • Promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination, including but not limited to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, color, age, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or identity, or status with regard to public assistance.
  • Contains sexual content or links to sexual content.
  • Solicits commerce not sanctioned by the Office.
  • Conducts or encourages illegal activity.
  • Contains information that may compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.
  • Violates a copyright, trademark or other legal ownership interest of another party.
  • Contains disparaging personal remarks or acrimony towards an employee of the Office, public official, another commenter, or any person.
  • Contains campaign information from a candidate for elected office or information related to a candidate’s personal campaign.

All content that is edited, hidden or removed by the Office will be retained in accordance with Chapter 119, The Florida Public Records Act.

Accusations that an employee of the Office is guilty of any criminal conduct or immoral activity will not be permitted. If a person believes that there is a legitimate basis upon which to make a formal complaint against the Office or any of its employees, then appropriate alternative means of registering such complaint should be utilized.

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