Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Effective immediately, all dealer work at our offices will be processed as drop off only; dealer work will not be processed in person.

Dealer Policy (Effective 1/14/19)

Notice to Commercial Accounts:



The office of the Orange County Tax Collector occasionally modifies our Commercial Accounts Service Policy regarding the number of dealer/courier/title service transactions we process.  As of January 14, 2019, we are implementing the following changes to the following three (3) locations that process Dealer/Courier/Title Services. Operating hours will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

West Oaks Mall
9401 W. Colonial Dr., Suite 360
Ocoee, FL 34761

10051 University Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32817

Sand Lake
730 Sand Lake Rd., Suite 106B
Orlando, FL 32809

If you are a courier / title service, you must provide a current copy of your Orange County Business Tax Receipt.

Transactions will be limited to three (3) transactions at a time per dealer/courier/title service for a maximum of six (6) transactions that will be processed / rejected per day.

  • You will be required to sign in by your company name not the dealer name if you are a courier / title service
  • You will only be allowed to sign in once per dealer/courier/title service, when those transactions are completed you can sign back in for the other transactions not to exceed six (6) per day
  • All transactions must be complete and ready to process upon arrival (insurance, tag number, etc.)
  • There will be no substituting work for work that has been rejected

Dealer/Courier/Title Services are responsible for providing the Pin number associated with the dealer number each time that they come into to the office, we do not have the authority to provide or retain that information.

Letters of Authorization should be addressed to Orange County Tax Collector, submitted on letterhead (dated and signed) at the least once a year upon dealer license renewal.  These letters will provide the name(s) of all agent(s) that have the authority to act for the dealership (fast title authorization etc.) and should be updated anytime your designee(s) change.

Dealers/Courier/Title Service providers can continue to drop off work to be processed off-site with a turnaround time of 1 – 2 business days.

Please be reminded that you can go to the Private Tag Agencies as a walk in and wait for your work to be processed, additional fees will apply.  The locations are as follows:

Orange Auto Tag Agency
11210 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32837

First Orange Tag Agency
718 Garden Plaza
Orlando, FL 32803