What is Tag Express?

Renew your tag online and pick it up the same day without the lines – that’s Tag Express.

We’re proud to be the first tax collector office in the state to provide Tag Express, and it’s been a great success. In 2015, more than 33,000 Orange County customers renewed their tag with Tag Express – that’s 33,000 people who skipped the lines.

How to use Tag Express

Renew. Renew your tag online using the link below and select the office nearest to you.

Confirm. You’ll receive two emails; one confirming your request and another letting you know when your tag is ready for pick up.

Pick Up. Use the Tag Express lane at the office you selected to pick up your renewed tag with a photo ID.

If You Can't Pick Up Your Tag

If you’re unable to pick up your renewed tag, we’ll mail it to you within 2-3 business days.