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The following regulations apply to all Commercial Driver License applicants:

  • The USA Patriot Act requires all states to conduct fingerprint-based background checks on customers applying for a CDL Hazmat endorsement.
  • The Hazmat Knowledge Test, TSA Background Check and Livescan fingerprinting are required to obtain a first-time Hazmat endorsement and for each subsequent renewal.
  • A valid Florida CDL may only be replaced with a valid H or X endorsement at tax collector offices.
  • Hazmat endorsed CDLs are valid for a period of four years.

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Hazmat Endorsed CDLs from Other States

Customers who have obtained a Hazmat endorsed CDL from a state other than Florida are required to pass the Florida Hazmat Knowledge Test and TSA Background Check.


CDL Renewal $81.25
Replacement of Valid CDL to add Hazmat $31.25
Each Endorsement $7.00 each
Background Check and Fingerprinting $91.00

* All fees are set by the State of Florida

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Additional Information

For additional information on Commercial Driver Licenses, visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles:

How do I obtain my Commercial Driver License

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