How is the Tax Collector's Office Funded?

The Tax Collector’s Office is a fee-based office. That means we fund ourselves with no additional cost to taxpayers. At the end of each year, all additional revenues are returned back to the taxpayer through the financial support of public education, public safety and other services in the community.

The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection and disbursement of nearly $2 billion in Orange County tax revenues and Florida motor vehicle transactions. The Office performs 1.9 million transactions per year and has nearly 280 employees across 8 offices.

At the end of each fiscal year, Tax Collector Scott Randolph returns all unused fees to the County and other taxing authorities that pay a fee for property tax collections. For Fiscal Year 2015/16, the Tax Collector returned $21,757,961.88 to Orange County and $739,584.18 to other taxing authorities, including $357,507,42 to the Orange County Library Board. Those dollars support Orange County Public Schools, programs in our libraries, Fire and Rescue squads in our community and many other projects.

The Florida Department of Revenue ranks the Orange County Tax Collector’s Office as the third most efficient tax collector office in Florida, and the most efficient of any of the large counties.

Orange County Tax Collector

Revenue (Fiscal Year 2015/16)

Tag & Title; Hunting & Fishing Licenses $3,647,424
Driver Licenses $3,191,356
Business Tax Receipts $830,028
Miscellaneous (Investment Income) $194,945
Property taxes (FY 2015/16) $33,931,737
          Orange County General Fund Portion $25,900,126
          Orange County Special Districts $4,250,660
          Other Taxing Authorities $1,756,795
          Collection of Delinquent Property Taxes $2,024,156
Total $41,795,490